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Welcome to Divine by Design Mentoring Co.

Welcome to Divine by Design Mentoring Co (DbD). DbD is a 501c (3) nonprofit organization with a heart for young women in underserved communities.


​The mission of DbD is to inspire and empower vulnerable, at-risk girls to help them live out their full potential based on God's plan for their lives. By creating mentoring relationships and teaching leadership skills, self-confidence, independence, and self-worth, the program helps girls find their voice and purpose.


Divine by Design Mentoring Co. offers individual and group services to ensure young women develop lifelong skills and relationships to live healthy, whole lives, no matter the starting point or past mistakes! Setting goals with and for the girls and ensuring these goals are achieved to better the lives of the girls that DbD serves—starting with just helping girls here and there to making it a full-time job, then into a nonprofit, the Founder has found a way to live out her passion and purpose!

DbD Mentoring is unique because we are a trauma-informed mentoring organization focused on all young women's emotional, mental, and physical health. We give them all the tools necessary to become stable, productive adults. We employ and extensively train our mentors to ensure that all youth who cross our path feel seen, heard, and loved. As the saying goes, "It takes a village," we are here to provide the extra support needed while youth attempt to navigate life.


Mentoring has many benefits for youth and their families. According to, "Youth who meet regularly with their mentors are 46% less likely than their peers to start using illegal drugs and 27% less likely to start drinking. We all need extra support along the way, and DbD is that support! Aiding with academics, mental health services, resources, guidance, and love, Divine by Design Mentoring will ensure the hardships of life overtake no youth.

Our Services Include

Trauma-Informed Mentoring //Individual Mentoring // Group Mentoring // And Much More...

Spiritual Health Focus

Emotional Health Focus

Mental Health Focus

​"DBD Mentoring Co is one of the most innovative mentoring companies I've encountered. Being solely geared towards trauma-informed care" mentoring, focusing on tackling the issues at hand plaguing our youth is critical. DBD is a catalyst for change within our community."
​                                                                                                              - Briana Henry, The Pour House LLC

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