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Glitter & Girl Talk

DbD Mentoring Co understands that only through personal relationships can a sense of individual responsibility be established or reestablished. With this approach, we can help give the young ladies that join the Glitter & Girl Talk program the ability to help them build but not limited to confidence, coping strategies, decision making, empathy, conflict resolution, character building, and problem-solving skills.

Glitter & Girl Talk was established by DbD's Founder & CEO, Ebony Belt, to meet young ladies in an environment where they will spend long periods, such as at their school or a community center. Glitter & Girl Talk program is available to scholars in 2nd – 12th grade; we will work with them in a group setting during the school day or after to guide them to reach their full potential. The program has served over 250 girls in Charles County Public Schools in the past three years. Teachers, parents, and administrators have reported positive behavioral changes, increased self-esteem, and positive grade changes. We continue to enhance projects and materials and be innovative in our approach to ensure the best outcomes for scholars.

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Communty Bridges
J.P. Ryon Elementary
Eva Turner Elementary School

​"I absolutely LOVE the after-school program Glitter and Girl Talk! My oldest daughter (9) is a 3rd grader at Eva Turner Elementary School and is currently enrolled in this program facilitated by Mrs. Ebony. Mrs. Ebony's passion for girl empowerment and encouraging young girls to realize their potential is lovingly expressed as she plans activities for her program. My daughter has completed vision boards, positive affirmation keepsake boxes, and more! Mrs. Ebony's excitement and genuine concern for each girl is infectious! Life is sometimes tricky, and it's nice to know that my daughter has another positive support system from which she can benefit."

                                                                                                                                               - Cherice Smith

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